Hand Stitched Leather Gifts

  • Hand stitched wedding and corporate gifts. All made by hand proudly by Mandi Scholtz, no machines used.I use only 100% natural leather.
    Most of the time leather will show the imperfections that were naturally on the animal’s skin, like scars and so on. These scars should not be seen as imperfections, each mark tells a story and this is what makes leather a unique and beautiful medium.
    I am human, therefor you should understand that the nature of hand stitching leather has a result each product made is full of character and no two will look the same or age the same and colours will sometimes vary. With some use and over time leather ages and becomes supple, this is called patina.

    My work speaks for itself, each product is a work of art and made with so much heart and soul. 
    Good things take time, so please keep this in mind. One item can take up to 48 hours of
    stitching, ouch 😉I look forward to hearing from you! Visit my Instagram or Facebook page for more recent posts of custom made orders.
  • https://www.instagram.com/scholtzcustommade/